[Phabricator] Getting a code review

I wrote D121366, a small improvement to the scheduling parallelism in DAGCombiner, specifically the ImproveChain lambda and its handling of relaxed atomics.

It is the first time I attempt to contribute to llvm-project.

The diff is waiting for CR, for 3 or so weeks.
According to CODE_OWNERS.txt, I have added Justin Bogner and based on git blame, I added Nirav Dave.
There were no responses, however. Am I expected to ping them? (how?)

Do I need to find other reviewers? Who else is familiar with that area in the system? How do people generally find suitable reviewers?

You have done the initial things correctly. If you get no response, you can add a reply that just says “ping” and we generally suggest doing that about once a week.

If that still doesn’t work, you could try posting a note on Discourse. :slight_smile:

Something else to try - clicking on the reviewer names in Phab will show you their recent activity. If it’s been a while since they last touched LLVM (people take a break for various reasons or may have left the project entirely) in which case you might be better off trying other people.