Phabricator homepage "UNRECOVERABLE FATAL ERROR"

When accessing the Phabricator homepage
<; I see:


The rest of the site seems to be fine (e.g. I can access that paste
fine, and all Differential links that I see on the list work fine),
but the homepage just dies.

Is this a known issue?

-- Sean Silva

Nope. Works for me... Does anybody else see the same problem?


Yes. I'm seeing the problem.

The error text is:

Cannot override final method LiskDAO::loadOneRelative()


I filed an upstream bug:

The problem should be fixed (according to upstream it’s a bad apc version that is part of archlinux).

Let me know if the error persists…


Still broken on my end.

Can you give it another spin? Thx

Looks like it's working. Hooray!

-- Sean Silva