[Phabricator] how to add Description when update a patch?

hi, ALL
I see each update has a new Description to record the main change in ⚙ D99074 [llvm][AArch64][SVE] Fold literals into math instructions, how to add these information?

Hi Allen (and welcome!). There’s a quick guide here on how to submit a patch for review and update it using the web interface. There’s a field for a description of the update after the initial “Update Diff” page (which you’ll see once you upload your updated patch and click “Continue”). Hope that helps.

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If you’re using arc (the section of the doc before the one @asb linked to), then it is just the git commit conventions: the first line of the commit message is supposed a short title, then separated by an empty line is the description. In the final commit this is how it’ll look like: [llvm][AArch64][SVE] Fold literals into math instructions · llvm/llvm-project@2e0fb00 · GitHub

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Do you mean add Description in the edit box, which on the right of Raw Diff? I try this, but fail show the Description after finish updating the patch.

The raw diff is for the actually patch: the code change.

The description is updated by clicking “edit revision” above the “update diff” on the right:

Which will lead you to this screen:

I‘m sorry I may don’t express my question clearly. I just want to known how to add the description Add note on why the latch cannot be used when I update the patch.

Oh I see!
I don’t know about the WebUI for this, arc is prompting for this on every update.

As Mehdi said, the Raw Diff box is a way to paste a diff, rather than uploading a file.
But, when you click Continue from that page, there should be a dialog that asks you to enter what changed with this diff.

If you are trying to add that kind of description after already updating the diff, I don’t know how to make that happen. I’d be content with just adding a comment on the review that says what was in the update, at that point.

Thanks very much, now I see. @mehdi_amini, @pogo59, @asb