Phabricator maintenance Sunday 7/5/2020


Phab may be unreachable a few times tomorrow as we’re performing some upgrade on the system, I’ll try to minimize the offline time.


Turning the instance down for the next hour or so.

Seems like everything is operational now! Let me know if anything seems off.

In particular the email configuration took me a while to figure out, it isn’t clear to me how Phab was possibly receiving email before?

I upgraded the VM without changing the Phabricator version, I’ll likely look into upgrading Phabricator itself next weekend.

Hi Mehdi,
Since the update, I haven’t gotten email notifications for comments on patches that I am subscribed to and/or am the author. Any ideas?

Hey Sanjay,

Thanks for letting me know, indeed outbounds email was broken when I fixed inbounds email last night.
I rollback the config for now and we have outbounds email working again now (but no inbounds: I’ll look again tonight how to get both).

Thanks! After I sent the earlier email, I realized it was bigger than just patches that I am subscribed to. There were no mails at all going to llvm-commits from Phab for about 7 hours, so everyone probably needs to take a look at their active patches to see if comments/changes were made.

I got booted from llvm-commits too, but that’s another problem. :frowning: