Phabricator Monorepo Importing from Downstream Forks

Hi Everyone,

Today I received a bunch of e-mails (30? 40?) from Phabricator about old commits, apparently being recommitted by someone else to the monorepo. When I asked on IRC, Roman pointed out that Phabricator is importing commits from all the monorepo forks. Indeed, I was able to find the corresponding commit, which turned out to be a cherry-pick of my commit, in a downstream fork.

Although I can configure a filter to prevent these e-mails from showing up in my inbox, it sounds wasteful to import these commits at all, let alone send e-mails for them. Is it possible to prevent this from happening?


Yea, as per other thread, this was from the github pull request being imported into phab.

Can Phabricator be configured to ONLY import commits from github under refs/heads and refs/tags namespaces (excluding the refs/pull/, most particularly?)

As James later clarified on IRC, Phabricator isn’t importing commits from forks. Instead, it’s importing commits in the refs/pull namespace, which is used by Github for pull requests, and this pull request contained a lot of old commits. It would be ideal if Phabricator could be configured to only import from refs/heads (and perhaps refs/tags?).