Phabricator new review email behaviour change?


Is it me, or has Phabricator changed at some point in the past week or two with regards to emails for newly created reviews? I noticed this morning that my mailing rule (which previously simply marked new emails from with a specific tag) was no longer working for them, and consequently, I missed several new review requests. (It wasn’t an issue for subsequent emails for the same review, for the record). I think I’ve come up with a new rule for the current behaviour, but it was concerning because I expect I’m not the only one who is in that boat.

Flagging it up in case it was an accident and/or so that people know of the behaviour change.



Hi James,

Seems that `` can still retrieve messages
related to Phabricator notifications (new differentials by yourself,
new differentials by others for which you subscribe, and commits
associated to differentials you subscribe). Do you have more
information about the anomaly you observed?

For example, from a message I received 4 days ago:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
Mime-Version: 1.0
Message-ID: <>
Thread-Topic: PHID-DREV-hd6ds2iug53idmfbdqxk

I think a rule matching should work.

The issue seems to have been resolved, in that newer patches are indeed coming from Phabricator again, but there was a period of a few days when it stopped working. For example, I never received a email for the creation of the patch D86350, but did for follow-up comments. It did appear in my llvm-commits folder, sent via the llvm-commits mailing list, but since I didn’t have the version from Phabricator, my filter didn’t spot it, and it got filtered away.

I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but a few times recently I’ve noticed an upstream review that seems not to have generated any notification emails to llvm-commits. is an example. There is no record of it either in or in my own email archive.

Does anyone know what happened?