Phabricator "O<n>" link expansion.

As a sample, I saw this in but have seen it around for a while.

Basically, when Phab sees the string O3 it will expand it to a big nasty link [](`) on the mailing list, obscuring the intent.

As we don’t seem to use this “owners” feature for much (as far as I can tell) but do use strings like O2 O3 very frequently, it would be nice to somehow disable this expansion for O strings.

(I created a test Diff for it here:

For the O3 one (; which just looked like spam) I tried to change its permissions so that it is only visible to me, but that doesn’t seem to prevent the expansion.

I’ve CC’d some folks that are on the only other two “Owners” things.

At the very least, if we want to keep using this feature, it would be good to create a couple dummy ones and then somehow permanently delete the O1, O2, O3 ones ( ?) (as long as that blocks the expansion).

– Sean Silva