Phabricator problems, old revisions getting re-closed

We had some disk problems with Phabricator, and I ended up having to re-import the github repository. Everything should be back up and running now, though revision imports are a bit behind.

Unfortunately, it’s now going through and associating git commits with old revisions (which predate having the git repo in Phabricator).
This means where there are old code reviews with this sequence:

  • normal review
  • auto-closed by commit rLNNNN
  • re-opened by someone
  • (never closed)
    Phabricator is now marking these as “auto-closed by commit rGxxxxxxx”.
    Sorry for the noise, feel free to reopen any of these that are still relevant (they should all be pretty old).

Somewhat-related: given the upcoming switch to monorepo-only, I’ve stopped SVN commits from closing differential reviews.
This means that the review will be closed when phabricator sees the associated git commit instead.

  • the SVN commit will still be associated with the review
  • there will be a slightly longer delay before the review is closed
  • when the review is closed, the final diff will be in monorepo layout, rather than legacy SVN layout
  • some reviews that aren’t in the monorepo will not be autoclosed