Phabricator will be down for upgrading

… for ~30 mins. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Eric

It’s working again…

I’ve also turned on reCAPTCHA to enhance authentication and hopefully reduce spam (

  • Eric

Sorry for the off topic.

When I login my Phabricator account, I see there is alarm saying
"Account Setup Issue: Primary Email Unverified". I cannot see where to
ask Phabricator send verification mail to my primary email address.
Could you help me out? :slight_smile:



Hi Wei-Ren,

This seems to be a Phabricator bug - there is no “Verify” option for the primary email. I have filed to the Phabricator upstream.

Regarding the warning “You will not be able to receive email until you verify it”, I tried with my colleague’s account and it still received emails. Let me know if you stop receiving emails from Phabricator due to this issue. Thanks!



Thanks for clarification. :slight_smile: