Please add libunwind, compiler-rt (builtins) as sub-categories of Runtimes

Currently, description of “Runtimes” has only the following.

I think it would make sense to add libunwind and builtins somewhere in the “Runtimes” description. I know Sanitizers are part of compiler-rt but that does not include the builtins (libgcc substitute).

What else exists in compiler-rt? Would a compiler-rt category be a good catch-all for the non-sanitizer code there?

The high level category is the catch-call. We are going to have to use tags to track where it makes sense to add new sub-categories. I actually think we added too many sub-categories in many categories. But, I think we need to live with this a bit before we can know for sure (hence the use of tags). We can always move things if we decide it really needed a category in the end.

We should 100% update the category description so it gives people more information where to post their question. What would you like added to the Runtime description?

How about?

Discuss the various runtimes that are part of the LLVM Project. Relevant topics include OpenMP, OpenCL, C++ and C runtime libraries (libc++, libc++abi, libc), compiler runtime (compiler-rt) including builtins and various sanitizers, and libunwind.