Please change the comment of 'insert' member function of SmallPtrSetImpl

Hi all,

I have a compilation failure with 'insert' member function of SmallPtrSetImpl class because the return value is changed from r222334. But the comment of the function is same with before as follows:

   /// insert - This returns true if the pointer was new to the set, false if it
   /// was already in the set.
   std::pair<iterator, bool> insert(PtrType Ptr) {
     auto p = insert_imp(PtrTraits::getAsVoidPointer(Ptr));
     return std::make_pair(iterator(p.first, CurArray + CurArraySize), p.second);

If the comment is changed, please change it.

JinGu Kang

Comment updated in r224619

Thanks David,

JinGu Kang