Please help celebrate 20 years of LLVM!

LLVM Community,

It is hard to believe, but coding on LLVM started 20 years ago as a skunkworks research project at the University of Illinois over winter break, driven by Chris Lattner and Vikram Adve. By 2003, LLVM 1.0 was first released with around 11 people contributing to the project. Since that early beginning the community has grown to almost 1700 contributors, had 374,680 commits, and 46 releases - it has been a fast 20 years!

From the original llvm-gcc frontend, LLVM now supports compiling of Ada, C, C++, D, Delphi, Fortran, Haskell, Julia, Objective-C, Rust, Swift, and more. The originally supported native code generators for Sparc and X86 have been expanded to include supporting many more instruction sets, including AMD TeraScale, ARM, AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN), MIPS, PowerPC, PTX, Qualcomm Hexagon, RISC-V, x86-64, XCore, and z/Architecture. The LLVM Project includes many related projects including Clang, lld, lldb, llvm-c++, MLIR, OpenMP, Flang, compiler-rt and more!

All of this could not be possible without our amazing community of developers and users! Thank you!

Let us celebrate as a community and all that everyone has accomplished over the last 20 years. Respond to this email, on Twitter or Facebook, with your contributions (big and small) to the LLVM project, how you use LLVM, or highlight another community member’s contributions. #CelebrateLLVM


Awesome milestone! Thank you especially Tanya & Chris for creating LLVM and fostering this community!

  • Dave

Thanks Dave!

Thank you for all your contributions over the years! You have contributed to the project in so many different ways and it is very much appreciated. I especially love how welcoming you are to new community members and helping them get off on the right foot.


I played with the earliest version of LLVM while at UIUC, probably in
the Spring 2001 compiler class taught by Prof. Adve. What it's turned
into is phenomenal.

Thanks to everyone that contributed and used LLVM over the years.