Please help celebrate 20 years of LLVM!

20 years already?! Can't be!!!

I started using (and contributing to) LLVM back in 2013. After that
LLVM followed me in every company I worked for -- Intel, NXP, Align
and now Huawei. There were a lot of great technologies (of course! --
we are all techies) I've been involved in -- most puclicly known is
probably OpenMP support in Clang. There were (and are, and will be...)
a lot of great people! -- who really make being a part of LLVM
community so enjoyable.

I'm a Russian, and a lot of LLVM developers are Russians as well
(though not necessarily living in Russia anymore...), so let me share
a very dear moment from LLVM DevMeeting'17 here:
. Can you spot a non-Russian in this picture? :slight_smile:

Thank you for being so amazing! I really hope to meet old and new
friends -- from all parts of the Globe -- again, after all of us will
overcome the virus.

Stay safe! -- and see you soon!