Please Review this support

We have ported open pegasus to clang. i.e. clang is officially supported for open-pegasus(cimserver)

One typical observation we had is that code compiled by clang/clang++ seems to be running slowly in comparison to binaries compiled
by gcc/g++ . I don’t have any figure as of now.

is this a known issue. or am I doing something wrong.

The ported patch can be found at (in case any one want to review, if I am doing something wrong)


Use a profiler and compare both versions.

Is the issue that the compiled code is running slower, or that it
takes longer to compile? The bug you link to seems to be discussing
the latter.

Which version of Clang are you using?


I have compiled with clang 3 and 3.1
The observation, I am mailing here is not discussed in the bug.
We are talking about the run time speed of the resultant binaries.