Poll for date/time for GSOC & Outreachy Brainstorming

Hello! I’d like to hold a virtual meeting either Wednesday or Thursday next week (or both if that gives people more chances to participate). Here is a poll to figure out which time. I apologize as I can’t do evening times next week.

This is related to my post about improving the program:

  • Wednesday (Feb 9) - 9-10am PST
  • Wednesday (Feb 9) - 10-11am PST
  • Wednesday (Feb 9) - 11-12pm PST
  • Wednesday (Feb 9) - 12-1pm PST
  • Tuesday (Feb 10) - 9-10am PST
  • Tuesday (Feb 10) - 10-11am PST
  • Tuesday (Feb 10) - 11am-12pm PST

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Last chance for votes. I will set this meeting in a couple hours.

Also, I meant Thursday above… sorry for the confusion!