Polly | Dependence detection details

Hi everyone,

I'll be very thankful if anyone can help me. I want to extract the
dependences details by using polly.

I followed the following steps on example code matmul.c:

1. clang -S -emit-llvm matmul.c -o matmul.s

2. opt -S -polly-canonicalize matmul.s > matmul.preopt.ll

3. opt -basicaa -polly-dependences -analyze matmul.preopt.ll

But it doesn't show me the dependences. I have tried -debug also but still
dependces are not shown.

I'll be grateful if you can help me.



I already replied on the Polly mailing list to a similar post. Let's
continue the discussion on that thread to not have two places to


I am sorry, i didn’t notice your reply on Polly mailing list earlier. I have posted my query on that thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries.