Pony Language: LLVM Project

Dear LLVM community,

I am affiliated with the design and development of the Pony programming language, which was recently published and has since been discussed on hacker news, reddit [1] [2], lambda the ultimate and gained some momentum.

Short abstract of the language:

  • Actor based
  • Capabilities-secure
  • Type safe
  • Memory safe
  • Exception safe
  • Data-race free
  • Deadlock free
  • Non-blocking, fully concurrent GC for objects and actors
  • AOT compiled
  • Native C FFI (C/C++ can call Pony, Pony can call C)
    Pony is open-source (2-clause BSD) and runs on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows (x86_64).

Our compiler is based on the LLVM backend. Would it therefore be possible to be named as official project on http://llvm.org/ProjectsWithLLVM/ ?

A preliminary (work-in-progress) tutorial is available at http://tutorial.ponylang.org.


Seems reasonable. A patch to the site would be appreciated.


You can take a look at:


which is the repository for it and you can access it via svn. I know John adds things to the website fairly frequently as well.


Dear Sebastian,

I've added an entry to the ProjectsWithLLVM page (http://llvm.org/ProjectsWithLLVM/#pony). Please take a look; I modified some of the text to fix spelling and punctuation. If something needs to be adjusted, please let me know.


John Criswell