pool allocation optimization?


I am very new to LLVM, and have downloaded, compiled and installed the
compiler suite and read through a lot of documentation with the purpose of
trying out the Pool Allocation optimization. However, I haven't been able
to locate it yet: there is no mention on the website or in any of the
documentation of how I may use this optimization. Reading through the
mailing list archives from a year ago suggest that I should have
projects/llvm-poolalloc. This is, however, missing both from Release 1.6
and the current CVS snapshot.

Is poolalloc deprecated? If not, how can I obtain and use it?


It is part of LLVM CVS, but in a separate module. To get it, use:

$ cd llvm/projects $ cvs co llvm-poolalloc

I once maintained this code, but I don't any longer. If you have specific questions about it, I'm sure that others will be happy to answer them!