poolalloc: Updating to CMake

I hope this is the correct avenue to contact the poolalloc developers.

I'm trying to use an alias analysis from the poolalloc repository and can't get
it to compile with the latest LLVM. CMake is now required for LLVM, I'm pretty
sure at least, but poolalloc does not seem to use it correctly. The README in
the project refers to the old Makefiles.

I corrected a minor CMake error and a bunch of compiler errors in poolalloc
when compiling with the current version of LLVM. I'd be glad to submit them to
wherever. But poolalloc doesn't seem to be on reviews.llvm.org.

Dear Jon,

I'm not sure that anyone is currently keeping poolalloc trunk updated with LLVM mainline. There were some updates around the LLVM 3.7 release, but I don't think there's been any activity since then.

If you want to use DSA, you can fetch a copy from GitHub - jtcriswell/llvm-dsa: LLVM trunk with poolalloc trunk modified to compile only DSA. Kevin Hu used this version for a project (though he was only using the call graph analysis within DSA). I think this was updated to work with a version of LLVM mainline shortly before LLVM 3.7 was released.

I think https://github.com/jtcriswell/safecode-llvm37 has DSA updated to the LLVM 3.7 release (though I don't think it was tested).


John Criswell

Hi John,

Do you know of anyone that's responsible for the official 'poolalloc'
repository? or are there just multiple forks floating around?

Most of the changes I made were trivial, except for the linking stage that's
failing right now.