Poor DeclStmt source range with leading [[attributes]]?

Seen with various versions of Clang, 8.0.0 and recent trunk,

$ cat test.cc
void f() {
[[maybe_unused]] int i;

clang++ -c -Xclang -ast-dump test.cc


`-FunctionDecl 0x8ab1148 <test.cc:1:1, line:3:1> line:1:6 f 'void ()'
  `-CompoundStmt 0x8ab1320 <col:10, line:3:1>
    `-DeclStmt 0x8ab1308 <line:2:19, col:24>
      `-VarDecl 0x8ab1248 <col:19, col:23> col:23 i 'int'
        `-UnusedAttr 0x8ab12b0 <col:4> maybe_unused

Note how the DeclStmt (and the enclosed VarDecl) only start with the "int" at column 19, not with the "[[" at column 1. (And that matches what you programmatically obtain from that DeclStmt via getSourceRange/getBeginLoc.)

Is there some good reason for that, or is it a bug that should get fixed?

Assuming it's a bug, I started <https://reviews.llvm.org/D68581&gt; "Include leading attributes in DeclStmt's SourceRange" now.