Portable Computing Language (pocl) v0.12 released

Pocl's goal is to become a performance portable open source (MIT-licensed)
implementation of the OpenCL standard.

In addition to producing an easily portable open-source OpenCL
implementation, another major goal of this project is improving
performance portability of OpenCL programs with compiler
optimizations, reducing the need for target-dependent manual

Release highlights:

  * support for HSA-compliant devices (tested with AMD Kaveri's GPU)
    - for installation steps & current status, please see the HSA section
      in Pocl documentation: HSA — Portable Computing Language (PoCL) 3.0 documentation
  * Little endian MIPS32 now passes almost all tests
  * kernel compiler support for LLVM/Clang 3.7
  * improved caching of compiled OpenCL kernels

We consider pocl ready for wider scale testing, although the OpenCL
standard is not yet fully implemented, and it contains known bugs.
The pocl test suite compiles and runs most of the ViennaCL 1.5.1
examples, Rodinia 2.0.1 benchmarks, Parboil benchmarks, OpenCL
Programming Guide book samples, VexCL test cases, Luxmark v2.0,
most of the AMD APP SDK v2.9 OpenCL samples and piglit OpenCL tests
among others.

Note: 0.12 is the last version that builds with older LLVM versions.
We plan prune code needed to support for the old versions in the next
release and focus on the current stable version and possibly the
previous one for easier transition.