Portable Computing Language (PoCL) v1.8 released

PoCL is a portable open source (MIT-licensed) implementation of the
OpenCL standard (1.2 with some 2.0 and 3.0 features supported).

In addition to being an easily portable multi-device (truly
heterogeneous) open-source OpenCL implementation, a major goal of this
project is improving interoperability for diversity of OpenCL-capable
devices by integrating them to a single centrally orchestrated platform.
Another key goal is to enhance performance portability of OpenCL
programs across device types utilizing runtime and compiler techniques.

Upstream PoCL currently supports various CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs via libcuda,
HSA-supported GPUs and ASIPs (experimental, see:
http://openasip.org). It is also known to have multiple (private)
adaptations in active production use.

Release Highlights