Possibility of llvm-libc use in Chrome?

Three years ago when Chrome switched to llvm’s STL even on Windows, the switch resulted in many advantages such as better crash reports as better call stack I think, being able to use new STL features consistently, enabling more of runtime sanitizers, etc.

When llvm libc project was announced I left this comment in Twitter which ofc a full self contained libc won’t be a possibility without having things as WASI but that’s a different matter, yet, having access to more of libc perhaps can be useful to embed system of different kind.

Considering those, is llvm-libc use for Chrome on all its targets something expected to happen? I know the project is expected to be something stable in two years just that maybe my question helps on better planning for the project.

And as a side question, do you think a renterant qsort, qsort_r, is a possibility on llvm’s libc? At least that can be used in BoringSSL and llvm’s STL. Maybe if there was a __builtin_qsort and __builtin_qsort_r with the capability those projects could benefit from it even sooner. Ofc that alone maybe isn’t a good reason to make a popular library tied to a specific compiler but maybe as tiny motivation.