Possible bug in TypePrinter::printElaboratedBefore?

My apologies if this topic is inappropriate; this is my first posting to the list. I’ve been playing around with the printers, and I noticed that TypePrinter::printElaboratedBefore sets the printing policy to suppress scope before proceeding to print the type name: http://clang.llvm.org/doxygen/TypePrinter_8cpp_source.html#l01102

I presume this is so that the qualifier wouldn’t get printed twice, but the problem is when the ElaboratedType is a TemplateSpecialization: in that case, the scope suppression policy applies not just to the type name but also to all the template parameters. I don’t think this is correct, since the template parameters aren’t affected by the ElaboratedType qualifier, so they do need to print their own scope if the original policy so requires.

I’m facing a problem trying to print this code outside of its original namespace:

namespace NS {
struct A {};
class B {
virtual void foo(std::vector &) = 0;

When I try to print foo in a different context, I get “std::vector” for the result, which is invalid outside NS. But if I just use “foo(vector&)” as the input (of course, with the appropriate using directive above it), then printing foo yields, correctly, “vectorNS::A”.

(The upstream problem manifestation can be seen, eg, here: https://github.com/dekimir/RamFuzz/issues/1)