Possible "C++ for embedded systems" WG21 working group

Hi falks,

   since the last WG21 meeting held at Rapperswil, where I gave a
presentation of
issues and opportunities to improve in the C++ language regarding
embedded systems development,
I'm pursuing the creation of a Committee's Working Group.

There was agreement that the issues were relevant and I was told that
the group could be created
in the case more people is interested and involved.
I created a mailing list were these issues are being discussed and
some proposals are being drafted,
to be presented in the next WG21 meeting at Urbana.

If anyone is interested to participate, please send me an email
(daniel dot gutson at taller technologies dot com) telling me if you
have ever attended a WG21 meeting and/or would be willing to
participate in one.
Having gcc and clang maintainers would be great to have an implementer
POV in the discussions.