Possible llvm.org Downtime

Dear All,

On Monday, March 17, the computer science building will have its cooling system turned off for maintenance. During that time, the offices and computer labs in the building may get warm, and as a consequence, we may need to power off machines.

While I am hoping that down time will be unnecessary, we may need to power down llvm.org during the cooling outage. It is also possible that other services, such as the mailing lists, will be powered down as well. Please be prepared for downtime.

We are told that the cooling outage will start at 8 am Central time and last no longer than 4 hours. We have also been told that it may take a few hours for temperatures to drop once the cooling system is restarted. If we need to take llvm.org down, I'm hoping that the latest we can have it back up is 1:00 pm, but it depends on how quickly the room can cool.

My apologies both for any inconvenience this may cause as well as the inability to predict how long the downtime will last. We will try to keep things running as long as we can and to get things back up as soon as we can should powering down become necessary.


John Criswell