possible miscompilation of openssl on x86-64

Hi folks,

I'm playing with this version of OpenSSL:


On x86 using clang I can build it and run all tests successfully. On x86-64 using clang r110287 I get the error message below during "make test".

Not sure if anyone has time to look into this but I'm probably not the right person to start debugging it...


John Regehr

../util/shlib_wrap.sh ./bftest
testing blowfish in raw ecb mode
testing blowfish in ecb mode
testing blowfish set_key
testing blowfish in cbc mode
testing blowfish in cfb64 mode
testing blowfish in ofb64
../util/shlib_wrap.sh ./casttest
ecb cast error encrypting for keysize 128
got :9B 8C 2F F3 49 DB 70 23
expected:23 8B 4F E5 84 7E 44 B2
ecb cast error encrypting for keysize 80
got :D5 3F 3D 1D F4 5E E0 65
expected:EB 6A 71 1A 2C 02 27 1B
ecb cast error encrypting for keysize 40
got :4E 15 A4 62 87 EB 0A A2
expected:7A C8 16 D1 6E 9B 30 2E


I actually just observed this failure a few days ago, and tracking it down is fairly high on my priority list.