Possible to compile / cross compile LLVM source on Android / ARM ?

I’m fascinated by the Pure algebraic/functional language1. The Pure interpreter uses the LLVM JIT compiler as its backend.

I would like to compile2 Pure so that it runs on Android / ARM. Pure has a dependency on the LLVM JIT. So I need to compile LLVM source for Pure to run.

Is it possible to compile LLVM source3 for Android (ARM) devices? There really seems to be no information about this on the web. Maybe my search terms are wrong. Searching for Android LLVM does not bring up many good hits either.

Sorry if this question was too trivial – even a brief answer would be fantastic.



Hi Sidharth,

It is possible to compile to ARM and use Clang with LLVM to produce ARM programs. The problem that arises is that there is a fair bit of Android that is written in Java. You'll have to find Android's C++ API routines and use those instead. Last I heard it was available to run C++ code in Android using JNI bindings.

I hope this helps,