Post definition register alias in tablegen.

I have two registers A and B that are aliases of each other. I have not found a way to define this in tablegen yet. Would anyone know how?

I’ve tried:

def A : Register<”%a”>;

def B : Register<”%b”>;

let Aliases = [A] in {



let Aliases = [B] in {



I’ve also tried forward definitions.

def A;

def B : RegisterWithAlias<”%b”, A>;

def A: RegisterWithAlias<”%a”, B>;

So, is there a way to specify that they are aliases of each other? Or does setting A as an alias of B also make sure that B is an alias of A?



Aliases are supposed to be symmetric. Having something like
   def A: Register<...>;
   let Aliases = [A] in
   def B: Register<...>;
should be enough.