PowerDNS Recursor reporting success

Hi everybody,

Just a note to say that I managed to compile the PowerDNS Recursor with
'clang++' svn trunk, and that it worked out of the box!

The PowerDNS Recursor provides DNS resolution to hundreds of millions of
internet subscribers.

The PowerDNS Recursor is a heavy user of Boost (specifically boost::function
and boost::multi_index), with some get/set/swap/makecontext + threading
mixed in. All in all not an easy program to compile or run. Sun Studio
suffers, for example.

The PowerDNS 'speedtest' infrastructure also compiles, and shows numbers
comparable to those generated by g++ 4.4, plus or minus 10%.

While release builds will stick with g++ for now, we'll be doing side by
side testing with clang++ - even if only to catch bugs.

Thanks everybody for the effort!