PowerPC64 Diassembler


I was taking a look at the disassembler on PowerPC64.

Usually, when we have a branch instruction, it shows the address of the target.
For example (function “ret1” in X86_64):
GDB: 0x000000000040051d <+45>: callq 0x4004e0
LLDB: 0x40051d <+45>: callq 0x4004e0 ; ret1

However, LLDB doesn’t do that in PPC64:
GDB: 0x0000000010000658 <+72>: bl 0x10000670
LLDB: 0x10000658 <+72>: bl .+67108760

(Note that the comment “; ret1” is missing).

I noticed that LLDB on PPC64 is the only one that prints “.+” and the offset (which is unsigned in this case, that’s why it shows that strange number).
Why is it like this? Is there any special reason?
I was thinking about changing it and make it look more like the other ones, but first I want to know if that’s ok or if it should stay the way it is for some reason.

Thank you,
Ana Julia