PR16833 - Analyzer hangs trying to analyze

Hello. I think the problem is a bit more complicated and is related to every case statement with a big amount of cases, not range cases only. Here is a sample file:
Analyzer can consume over 70 Gb of RAM while analyzing it and it is not enough - it crashes due to lack of memory.
It seems like the problem is an exponential growth of number of ExplodedNodes generated for every 'switch' but I'm not sure (I didn't investigate it yet).

This sounds like a bug. We bound the amount of work the analyzer does, and for it to run out of memory in this way seems like we possibly have abandonment of memory or something.

Can you file an LLVM PR with a preprocessed file that reproduces the issue?

Sorry, my fault. I have investigated a problem deeper to write a PR and I found that I hit the same problem as the thread starter. The problem was a case:
case OPC_J ... OPC_JAL:
     OPC_J = (0x02 << 26),
     OPC_JAL = (0x03 << 26),

Sorry for a wrong information.

Ok thanks.