PR17975 and trunk


PR17975 was caused by r191059 which was reverted on the 3.4 branch in
r196521. However, the problem still occurs with trunk (confirmed as
of r206186).

From a thread on cfe-commits I see that Kai Nacke (the author of

r191059) was working on a patch to fix PR17975, but the conversation

So my question is should we revert r191059 on trunk? From what I can
see, the code has already been refactored once in r198768 (retaining
identical functionality). Further work may make it even more
difficult to unpick.


P.S. CC-ing Kai Nacke in case he still intends to follow up on his
original patch.

This is the patch in question?

If so, yes, absolutely revert this.


No, its

And I think it should be reverted, yes.

Completely agreed.