Pre-2.1 Status

In preparation for the release, I've compared the llvm-test results for current SVN and the 2.0 release to see how many regressions we have currently. Things are looking really good!

Darwin/x86: 2 llvm-test regressions
MultiSource/Benchmarks/MiBench/office-ispell/office-ispell (CBE)
MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C/cdecl/cdecl (CBE)

Linux/x86: 5 llvm-test failures
External/SPEC/CINT2000/ (CBE)
SingleSource/UnitTests/Vector/SSE/sse.expandfft (JIT codegen, JIT, LLC compile, LLC)

Darwin/PPC: 5 llvm-test failures MultiSource/Applications/JM/lencod/lencod (LLC compile, JIT codegen, LLC, JIT)
MultiSource/Benchmarks/Prolangs-C/cdecl/cdecl (CBE)

As a reminder, the 2.1 code freeze is September 12th!