Pre-built binaries unavailable?

Hi LLVM admin team,

I’m trying to download the pre-built binaries from:

But unfortunately get the following error:

Error 503 first byte timeout

first byte timeout

Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-lcy19227-LCY 1515490182 1947665089

Strange. Some of the files work for me, and some get the error message
you showed.

Looking at the server response headers, some of my requests were cache
hits on the CDN, and some were not, so it appears the origin server is
not dead.

Anton or Tanya, apparently the First Byte Timeout is something that
can be configured in Fastly (Origins, Hosts, Advanced Options).
Perhaps it needs to be increased to work with large files?


I had a problem with the following files seven hours ago when my build failed.

At the same time the following to files did work:

Trying the same files now, I got a reply within 10-30 seconds. So it might just be that it's slow.


We believe the issue is fixed now. Could you please confirm?

It's still taking between 5 and 22 seconds to get a reply.

But my build passed now, so I guess it's good enough.