Pre-Built Mac OS X binaries for LLVM 3.4?

Hi Guys,

Where are the pre-built binaries of LLVM 3.4 for Mac OS X? This is the first release I’ve seen of LLVM that doesn’t include a download link via the downloads page for a Mac OS X binary.

Can someone please put it up?



There's already a binary there [1]. It's called "Clang for Darwin 10.9", previously it was called "Clang for Mac OS X".


It’s been a couple of days now and no one has responded to this. Who is in charge of maintaining the pre-built binary releases? I truthfully do need the pre-built Mac OS X binaries for LLVM 3.4. I’ve been using the pre-built binaries since version 3.1.

Please let me know who I need to contact make this happen. Thanks.


Someone did respond. I believe they mentioned that they're here:

  LLVM Download Page

and they're labeled for Darwin now, not OS X.

Ahh yes I see that now. My apologies Jacob. Thank you Rick for emailing me directly.