Pre-tokenized header file usage

Greetings clang devs!

Firstly, thanks very much where appropriate for the work on this compiler solution; it's a life saver to have such a powerful compiler available with yet such a permissive license.

I have a question about the usage of PTH files for a small project I'm working on involving Clang.

I'm using Clang to compile small scripts that my users write for my application. When the user hits the compile button the program adds a bunch of glue code to the script and adds some includes from a small code base. The end user doesn't need to see any of that code.

Ideally I want this code base embedded in my application rather than distributed with the program as headers/cpp files, however having it stored in a pre-tokenized header file (a so-called "token cache") also sounds like a good option, particularly since it would speed up compilation a bit.

So before I dig too deeply into this, my question is: would it be possible for me to bundle all of my code into a PTH file and use that during compilation without requiring the original header files to be distributed with my application?

Thanks very much for your consideration!