Preferred way to submit patches


Just wanted to ask what is currently preferred way to submit patches to Clang, since I recently found that there's also Phabricator for LLVM.

Currently we have:
1. Bugzilla with ability to submit patches
2. Phabricator
3. cfe-commits


Phabricator or cfe-commits, whichever you prefer.

Phabricator or cfe-commits, whichever you prefer.

If using the web-based system, you'll need to make sure the right people are CC'ed, not just those who have accounts there. Mails starting "Hi $random_person," is likely to get the patch ignored by the actual code owners or maintainers.

It's also polite to respond by email when reviewers post comments to patches by email. I've noticed people using Phabricator sometimes reply to *their own* mail instead of to the reviewer, and such patches will get ignored along with their authors.