Premerge testing repository move to zorg

Hi! As you may know all code for premerge checks is currently located in GitHub - google/llvm-premerge-checks: CI system for premerge-testing in LLVM project. That made sense for a while as it was really a proof of the concept. I believe that now we can confidently say that it’s useful enough to move it under LLVM-owned repo.

We are planning to move most of the code to zorg GitHub - llvm/llvm-zorg . That is: docker images, scripts that apply and run tests, etc. Mostly will be moved as is and cleaned up / upgraded later. Infrastructure-related things (e.g. kubernetes configuration) will stay put for now.

Keeping that in mind, we are still looking into having a someone to be responsible for things to run smoothly, it’s a separate topic.

No precise dates, I hope to see that we start using zorg version in first half of 2023. Will keep you posted.

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I may be able to help with this, do you have more details?

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