Preserving BBs of bitcode to target binary

Hi, all

I wonder whether I can preserve basic blocks of llvm-bc when it is compiled to the target(x86) binary.

for instance,

#llc --march=x86 test1.bc -o test1.s
#llvm-gcc -O0 -o test1 test1.s

then, can BBs from output binary of ‘test1’ find their correspondents from ‘test1.bc’ and vice versa?

What I eventually want to find out is 1-1 mapping of BBs between llvm-bc and generated target binary.
If anyone can tell me how can I do this it will be very grateful.

Thanks for your help, in advance
Regards, Kangkook

There isn’t always going to be a 1-1 mapping. Machine-level passes and a variety of other things can add and remove basic blocks, even at -O0.