Printing error with Value objects

   The platform is an x86 32-bit machine running LLVM 2.4.
     I am trying to analyze Alias Analysis queries, and towards this end, I am trying to print out the "Value"s that form the queries. While trying to print these queries, llvm hits a segmentation fault. The fault is due to a Value which does not have its module set properly. I am using the operator<< to call the print function, and since the module is not defined for this Value, there is no Symbol Table. I checked and verified that V1 is an instruction. I am collecting the queries from GVN. I perform this dump after GVN has completed its transformations. Is it possible that the Value has been deleted from the program by GVN? Is this expected behaviour?

   This is the output when I type "print *V1" in gdb:
   {_vptr.Value = 0x91fa950, SubclassID = 92 '\\', HasValueHandle = 1 '\001', HasMetadata = 0 '\000', SubclassOptionalData = 31 '\037',
  SubclassData = 43368, VTy = {Ty = 0x921f6fc}, UseList = 0x8d5a550, Name = 0x8e06088}

  This is the output when I type "print *V1->getType()" in gdb:
  {<llvm::AbstractTypeUser> = {_vptr.AbstractTypeUser = 0x92184c0}, ID = 72, Abstract = true, SubclassData = 299242, RefCount = 153191633,
  Context = @0x89f3aac, ForwardType = 0x0, AbstractTypeUsers = {<std::_Vector_base<llvm::AbstractTypeUser*, std::allocator<llvm::AbstractTypeUser*> >> = {
      _M_impl = {<std::allocator<llvm::AbstractTypeUser*>> = {<__gnu_cxx::new_allocator<llvm::AbstractTypeUser*>> = {<No data

}, <No data fields>},

        _M_start = 0x921f726, _M_finish = 0x921a090, _M_end_of_storage = 0x921e898}}, <No data fields>}, NumContainedTys = 153198753,
  ContainedTys = 0x89f3aac}

   Thanks for the help.