Problem building 2.0 release with .sln on win32 (and patch)


I was getting an error building the x86 project using the .sln included with the 2.0 release. VS was unable run the Custom Build Step for for reasons which were not clear to me. It spit out an obtuse “Format of the path is incorrect” error, and then proceeded to run only the last 4 lines of the custom build step for (??) Is there something obvious that I’m missing?

Assuming not, I have attached a patch that works around the problem by putting the invocations of TableGen into a standalone .cmd file, and using that in the custom build step for This allowed me to successfully build the x86 lib and in turn the llc, lli, and Fibonacci projects. They seem to run OK, but I’ve only just started looking at LLVM so I probably wouldn’t know if things were broken anyhow.


fix-win-sln-build.patch (8.76 KB)