Problem building latest clang on Windows for mingw/gcc

Attempting to build the latest clang on Windows targeting mingw/gcc I receive the error:

"llvm-tblgen.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point _set_abort_behavior could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll."

Anybody have any idea what is happening ? It appears that llvm-tblgen.exe is at fault since Dependency Walker is showing the same problem.

I have the latest llvm/clang and am using CMake/ninja to build llvm/clang. The mingw/gcc RTL is gcc-4.8.1. This has been previously working without a problem.

Sorry about that. I broke that recently. A patch is on it's way to fix
this in CMake ( For now you just need
to add:

-D__MSVCRT_VERSION__=0x<at least 90>0 -lmsvcr<at least 90>

mingw links against the OS msvcrt.dll by default, which it really
shouldn't be doing ;/

- Michael Spencer

Sure, but it has been doing that for ~10 years and isn't likely to change
its default. Does anyone need us to call set_abort_behavior on mingw? Can
we just do a feature check for its presence? I'd rather not add this cmake

I see it is working again now with the latest llvm/clang updates. Thanks !