Problem building Ocaml Kaleidoscope example


The Ocaml Kaleidoscope tutorial code stops compiling at chapter 3. I get

$ ocamlbuild toy.byte

Finished, 1 target (0 cached) in 00:00:00.

File “”, line 5, characters 0-9:

Error: Unbound module Llvm

This is with Llvm 2.7 on ubuntu 10.10. I have the package libllvm-ocaml-2.7-dev installed.

The offending line is simply

open Llvm

The top level OCaml interpreter gies by the same error when I enter this line, but does work when I launch it with

$ ocaml -I +llvm-2.7

However running ocamlbuild witht the same parameters has no effect.

Thanks for any help,