Problem to generate an executable file of 403.gcc (SPEC2006)

Dear llvmers,

I decided to write my own scripts to compile the SPEC programs, and
they work fine, except with 403.gcc.

Basically, I take the file 403.gcc.linked.rbc from the ...\Output
folder that the LLVM test suite produces. Then I use this linked.rbc
file to generate an executable file via the following commands:

llc 403.gcc.linked.rbc -o 403.gcc.linked.s
clang 403.gcc.linked.s -o 403.gcc.linked.exe

This works with all the other programs in SPEC2006, but when I call clang
for 403.gcc, I get errors due to missing symbols in cctype.h. I
believe I must pass some compilation flags to clang, but I do not know
which ones. The errors look like:

/tmp/403-HRnVZ5.o: In function `check_format_info_main':
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x2ec94): undefined reference to `ISDIGIT'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x2f642): undefined reference to `ISGRAPH'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x326b8): undefined reference to `ISXDIGIT'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x994c2): undefined reference to `IS_NVSPACE'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x9aad3): undefined reference to `ISIDNUM'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x9ec89): undefined reference to `ISPRINT'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0xcd96b): undefined reference to `ISALPHA'
403.gcc.linked.rbc:(.text+0x29c47d): undefined reference to `TOLOWER'
etc, etc, etc.

I am running LLVM 3.0 on a Linux Ubuntu on a 32-bits x86 machine. I
need a little help with this.