Problem using 'bitcast'

I have been trying to compile some Llvm code that I generate, and I am running into a problem assembling my ll code. Here is a snippet of the code I am trying to compile:
%loc0 = alloca i32
call void @llvm.dbg.declare( { }* bitcast(i32* %loc0 to { }), { } bitcast (%llvm.dbg.variable.type* @llvm.dbg.variable1 to { }*) )

I get an error from the second line of code:
Invalid reference to global

Just to try to get the code to compile, I replaced the reference to %loc0 with null:
%loc0 = alloca i32
call void @llvm.dbg.declare( { }* bitcast(i32* null to { }), { } bitcast (%llvm.dbg.variable.type* @llvm.dbg.variable1 to { }*) )

This code compiles fine, but obviously will not give the end result I want.

My current solution is to introduce a temporary variable like this:
%loc0 = alloca i32
%loc0_void = bitcast i32* %loc0 to { }*
call void @llvm.dbg.declare( { }* %loc0_void, { }* bitcast (%llvm.dbg.variable.type* @llvm.dbg.variable1 to { }*) )

I would prefer to make the first code snippet work (to avoid adding temporary variables and cluttering up the ll code). But my workaround is alright for now.

I am wondering why my first code snippet doesn’t compile properly. Am I doing something incorrect? Or is this possibly and LLVM bug of some kind?

Thanks a lot,
Dave Cope