Problem with anonymous struct/union

Hi everyone,

I met a problem with anonymous structs/unions. When the following
piece of code is compiled with clang with -fms-extensions, clang will
report an error "no member named 'a' in 's2'".

typedef struct
  struct s1
    int a;
} s2;

void foo()
  s2 b;

I tested both the svn version and the 3.0 release version of clang,
the result is the same. Tagged anonymous structs/unions cannot not be
correctly compiled by clang. However, gcc and the microsoft compiler
both have no problem with the above code.

Since I want the problem fixed ASAP, I plan to investigate some time.
In the meanwhile, I'm also new with clang, and need some help with
solving the problem.

So, can anybody gives a hint about where I should look at and how the
problem can be best fixed.


The relevant code is in Sema::ParsedFreeStandingDeclSpec.