Problem with building CLang on OSX (Snow Leopard)

Hi, all,

I tried to build clang

Here is the list of commands I used

svn co llvm
cd tools
svn co clang
cd …

Then I encountered a number of error messages similar to this

/var/folders/gM/gM3LrYvlHsiF1mG55FgL+k+++TI/-Tmp-/camlasm67bd71.s:697:suffix or operands invalid for call' /var/folders/gM/gM3LrYvlHsiF1mG55FgL+k+++TI/-Tmp-/camlasm67bd71.s:701:suffix or operands invalid for push’
/var/folders/gM/gM3LrYvlHsiF1mG55FgL+k+++TI/-Tmp-/camlasm67bd71.s:702:32-bit absolute addressing is not supported for x86-64

Just wonder if anyone has encountered similar issue