Problem with building llvm and running project

i am new to LLVM and i want to create my own project with a cpp file which calls
llvm functions and then run it. I download clang source, llvm source and compiler-rt source.
I tried to configure and build llvm using this but it failed because .h files included on top of the Hello.cpp couldn’t found. Can you tell me the instuctions about what i have to do in order to build llvm? do i need to create a new build folder? What do i have to set to Path variable?
After building llvm i would like to run my own project, let’s say Hello.cpp found in the /lib/Transforms folder on the llvm source.


Hi Eirini,

If you provide more information, such as the OS and compiler you are using to build, as well as the specific header files that the build is unable to find, it will make it easier for people on the list to help you. If you are building on Windows with VS, you will want to take a look at: