Problem with forcing interpreter in LLI (LLVM JIT)


I'm using the JIT in LLVM version 1.9. It works fine, but when I try to use it with the interpreter enforced (using the -force-interpreter=true option) it seems to have trouble with the standard input and output streams (stdin, stdout, stderr). I get the following error when I try to run any application that uses one of these:
"Could not resolve external global address: stdout" (or stderr/stdin, as the case may be)

I'm wondering if you've heard of anyone else having such an issue, and if you know how I might be able to fix it. I'm running LLVM on Fedora Core 5, with gcc version 4.1.1.

Joy Kamunyori

Please try 2.0 or TOT. If it still does not work, please file a bug.